Hello hugo on github.io

This blog is built using hugo. So my first blogpost is dedicated to how I set it up on github.


install the bleeding edge hugo version by running

go get -v github.com/spf13/hugo

verify the installation by typing

hugo -h

this should display the help screen for hugo

create hello world

create blog hosted on github.io

On github, create a repository “<yourusername>.github.io”, e.g. “nilsmagnus.github.io” .

Clone the repo and cd into the directory.

From the root of your repository, run the command

hugo new site blog

This will create a directory , blog , in your repo with the needed files

add a theme and config

Since hugo does not have a default theme, you need to get one. This can be changed at a later point.

cd <repo>/blog/themes && git clone https://github.com/dim0627/hugo_theme_robust.git 

To avoid submodule conflicts with github, delete the .git directory in <repo>/blog/themes/hugo_robust_theme.

To specify that you want to use the theme, edit <repo>/blog/config.toml, add these lines

baseUrl = "https://<yourusername>.github.io"
title = "Ubeercool blog name"
theme = "hugo_theme_robust"
publishDir = "../"

This will also set the name of your blog and publish the blog to the parent directory (“<repo>/”).

add a first blogpost

Add a first blogpost by typing (from <repo>/blog)

hugo new post/hello-world.md

Edit this file by adding the following lines:

date = "2017-03-14T16:11:58+05:30"
draft = false
title = "Hello hugo world"

# Hello world

You look _beautiful_ in markdown.

Now run hugo without parameters,


This will generate the entire blog. Now, add all your files(generated and source) to git and push the changes.