Concurrency made easy(easier) with coroutines

Coroutines can be looked at as lightweight threads that enables us to write simple concurrent code in kotlin. It enables us to execute concurrent code without much effort and write async code in a sequential style, hiding the noise introduced by explicitly handling async events and callbacks. The result is readable, high-performant code. Instead of the dealing with callbacks and synchronisation, the developer can focus on real, value-adding code and let the runtime handle callbacks transparently. [Read More]

Converting an android project to kotlin

This is a small write-up of my experiences from converting a native android-app from java to kotlin. TLDR; Convert the project using android studio Handle nullability-compilation errors Android annotations build script apply lateinit on @ViewById Convert your data-objects into small classes, go for immutable classes Kotlin is cool, and immutability rocks. Bugs in android-studio shows that it is still early days for kotlin-development on android. Convert your project! [Read More]